Business Policy

Information and policies of RRP Department of Game Affairs can be found here.

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Business Policy

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Business Policy

Policy 1.1: Business Chat
  • Business chats are In-Character. All business chats are to follow the metagaming rule. Business owners need to make sure they (and their employees) do not break this rule.
Policy 1.2: Returning After Death
  • Business members have the right to return to their business after death. They have every right to return if they died and lost memory. Just as faction and gang members may do to their respective headquarters.

Policy 1.3: Price Exploitation
  • Business owners will not be permitted to intentionally set prices in their businesses to an unrealistically low amount in an attempt to cause a decline in the server's economy.
    (Note: Owners found to be in violation of this will have their business suspended pending review of the Department of Game Affairs on a case by case basis and may be banned for 'Mass Exploitation' depending on the severity. The Director of Game Affairs decides whether the violation was an accidental violation and if the player is to be forgiven).
Policy 1.4: Stealing From Safes
  • Anyone with safe access can steal $900,000 a week from its business. An R5 must have been an R5 in the business for 1 week before being able to steal the money.
    It's the Business Owners responsibility to supervise his own business and check often if there's anyone with powers they're not supposed to have and if there's money missing.
    Anyone that uses an exploit to be able to steal money even though their rank isn't supposed to access the vault will be punished with a fine twice as much of the amount they stole and banned depending on the scenario.
    (Note: Getting ranked up to the rank necessary to access the vault just to steal the money is also not allowed. The same applies to getting invited and given the rank just for this exact purpose).
Policy 1.5: Abuse of [/bpanic]
  • The /bpanic command is there to be used when the business is being robbed, there is a gunfight nearby or some other sort of immediate danger that would require law enforcement/other employees' assistance. Spamming the panic button will result in an instant kick under the server offense for 'Spamming' and other punishments listed on the Server Offenses depending on the situation (such as exploiting, cop baiting).
Policy 1.6: Dishonesty
  • It's strictly forbidden to lie about the business profits in order to make a business more desired and raise the price, as this will also fall under the scamming rule. You are allowed to hide the profits obtained but not lie about them.

Policy 1.7: Ownership
  • As a Business Owner, you're allowed to sell your business for any price you see fit. Therefore if you sell your business for 150 million, you will be fined 15 million for the sale. If you trade your business for an item, you'll be fined 10% of the street value of that object. If you give your business away for free, you will be fined 1 million.

Additional Business Information

The Following are the default inventory capacities and the maximum values of the available businesses:
  • 24/7 = 1000 (Max 2000)
  • Restaurant = 1000 (Max 2000)
  • Gas Station Stores = 1000 (Max 2000)
  • Ammunation = 8000 (Max 12000)
  • Gas Pumps = 1000 (Max 3000)
  • Car dealerships = 30 (Max 70)
  • A business may expand their business capacity for a fine of $750,000 per 100 extra inventory capacity value (per 10 extra inventory capacity for car dealerships).
  • Moving a business will fine a player 25 percent of their total wealth or a minimum charge of $15,000,000.
  • Changing a business interior will fine a player 20 percent of their total wealth with a minimum charge of $12,000,000.
  • Business owners have the option to change their business type only ONCE. They will be fined 30 percent of their total wealth with a minimum charge of $25,000,000.