GUIDE - Kyle Mercado

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GUIDE - Kyle Mercado

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Kyle Mercado
Founder of Asian Boyz 1226

Kyle Mercado is an American-Filipino. He traveled to Los Santos when he was 16 years old. He is not a stranger to odd businesses as he was used to doing it when he was still in the Philippines, doing odd errands to survive in the not-so-democratic country. But due to being in an unknown city with no connections, he covers his high-profit businesses with a 24/7 business in East Los Santos. with the right connection, he will start his business of smuggling heavy guns, selling cocaine in Los Santos, and conquering the East Part for the legacy of Asian Boyz 1226.

How do you make an introduction?
We, the staff team of Republika Roleplay really teach our players how a ROLEPLAY really works. so here's how:

Let's start with an introduction, All introductions must have a photo of your character( this is a must since we have different races/nationalities in Los Santos). In my case, I have used Asian skin because my character portrayal or what I roleplay as is an Asian-American gangster.

Next is of course what your character appearance or backstory of your whole roleplay theme or how your character background is. It must be detailed and clear on what you want to portray in Republika.